Fred Snow Music Press Release


Press Release:

You may have noticed some significant changes during 2018. The most eminent being, since 1st jan 2018, the business brand, Fred Snow Music, that has clearly made its presence known during a sea change for one of Art deco Live’s main products and artistic charges – Fred Snow, and his Music.

Not to wave around our credentials in the bleeding obvious, but this officially means Fred Snow Music is a trading name for Art Deco Live Ltd. Which means this Press release and online article serves two main purposes:

Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to present the legal formalities here in our usual wry and witty manner, for you, dear reader.

Secondly, because you have actually got this far into the article, we would not wish to disappoint your expectations to our skewed sense of self-aware cynicism, insomuch as you may continue to enjoy even the most mundane of our day to day business and administrative activities in such a way that at least in our collective boredom symptomatic of our 21st Century malaise, we can find some small joy in the futility of trying to please the contradictory demands of fucking Facebook.

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Art Deco Live Ltd. (trading as Fred Snow Music),

Registered in England & Wales. Registered Number: 9351948

Registered Office: Davies Williams (Chartered Accountants) 21 St. Andrews Crescent, CARDIFF, CF10 3DB