The Top Shelf Band

The Top Shelf Band.

Re-inventing the Old Style.

“The Gothic Gatsbys of the Indy Scene!” (The Candlelight Club)

“Impeccable tunes are served up with obscene lyrics, a diabolic mash-up of Terry-Thomas and Al Bowlly.”  (Ben Chu, The Independent Newspaper)

“Fred Snow’s Top Shelf Band are like Terry Thomas meeting the Jim Jones Revue… Not for the feint hearted!” (Soho House)

“Whatever keeps Fred Snow off the stage is a great victory for social reformers, but a dreadful loss to London.” (C.J. Lazaretti, The Erotic Review)

Known for outstanding live shows & their suave appeal for European private events, their original music & material has been used in Adverts, TV and Oscar winning film, “The Theory of Everything”!

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