Prinz Friedrich

Finally! from the UK, Europe’s only coherent response to the strange twines of the 20th Century’s music Revolution. A vaudeville punk ram-raid of economic disasters & glam-wrongness, founded from the Underground scenes of Britain & Europe.

prinz friedrich

If there are any incidents or rumours of sedition, please call the Federal Republic of Germany on +49 30 22732152 for further information or email us to obtain policy guidelines in the event of moral panic.

With Weill-esque Chutzpa, Woody Guthrie, Tom Waits, Marlene Dietrich, David Bowie, Jacques Brel, Agnes Bernelle, Alex Harvey, Queen & Velvet Underground are claimed as fonts of scant reverence. The Band is fronted by Fred Snow who has written & recorded original material for TV & award winning movie soundtracks, providing opportunities to visit 6 different continents of the world with his own music, bands & solo acts, having been booked to appear with such luminaries as Camille O’Sullivan, Paul O’Grady, Paloma Faith, Kid Creole, Lana Del Rey, Jessie J., Brian Ferry, the Buena Vista Social Club as well as Nile Rogers & Chic!



Bookings: Lü




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prinz friedrich

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Finally! from the UK, Europe’s only coherent response to the likes of Tom Waits & other Economic disasters. Well, if you discount their devil-may-care drink binges in Central Europe. Forged on the Underground scenes of Britain & Europe, these dudes have seen and done some weird shit already.

Yes! Get straight to the point with Prinz Friedrich. It’s how things are done in the Americas, you know.